The Colombian-American Cultural Centre, being aware of the economical and technological growth in which the country is going, offers the chance to SECURE YOUR FUTURE and be trained within the industry and commerce ground, in which the common factor of the career is being bilingual. The objective of this area is to contribute with the formation process and professional development of the graduates according to the requirements and needs of the globalised market.


The graduates area facilitates the links between the graduates and the corporate world so they can access to vacancies; thus giving opportunities in the world of work to qualified professionals with a high profile that satisfies the requirements of the productive sector. The Colombian-American Cultural Centre, as an active member of the National Association of Educational Entities for Work and Human Development (ASENOF - by his Spanish meaning), offers the students the chance to be linked with ASENOF so they can receive the service of students and graduates’ accompanying of the Work and Human Development Formation Institutes, so they can find a job according to their training and profile.


It allows them to keep the bond with the Centre with a constant follow-up process, through invitations to all events, movie shows, cultural exhibitions, social entrepreneurship fairs plus training talks and the Used Book Fair that is held every year in April.


The graduates have the opportunity to access to different scholarship programs in the United States with the support of the United States Embassy. Those graduates whose performance has been outstanding are recommended.


  • Discounts to study the different advanced levels of English.
  • Guide from the Department from Students Assessment “EducationUSA” for the graduates who want to further studies in the United States.


In order to identify the formative and occupational profile of the graduates and evaluate their performance, a survey is conducted in order to develop strategies of continuous improvement, whose result contributes to improve the competitiveness in the job market.