English program of 840 hours, gradual, sequential and integrated, which consists of 12 levels divided in modules A and B, and daily classes from MONDAYS through FRIDAYS, each module lasts 36 hours. 
The approach of this program is communicative and interactive-learning oriented according to the parameters of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages from the basic levels (levels 1 through 5, A1/A2 CEFR levels), intermediate levels (Levels 6 through 12, B1/B2 CEFR levels).

Upon finishing level 12, students are awarded a certificate of “Intermediate Knowledge of English” and are promoted to the “Advanced English for adults” program.

Specific Objectives of the program:
To use the communicative skills in a fluent and effective way that allows students to communicative in social, academic and work contexts. 
To make good use of the skills that are acquired by learning a new language in order to create a professional profile highly competent and competitive.
To identify the values and the socio-cultural differences of the English-speaking countries lifestyle.
To value our idiosyncrasy by knowing about customs and culture of English-speaking countries.