Aptis is a modern and flexible English language proficiency test designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations and individuals around the world.

The Centro Cultural Colombo Americano administers this exam in its five different variants: Aptis American, General (British English), Aptis for teachers, Aptis for teens, and Aptis Advanced.

This test can evaluate independently, from one skill to four (Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing), including the component of Grammar and Vocabulary, depending on the needs of each candidate.

TEST COMPONENTS                                  DURATION   QUESTIONS

Grammar and Vocabulary                             25 Minutes       60

Speaking                                                      12 Minutes       5

Writing                                                         50 Minutes       3

Listening                                                      50 Minutes      28

Reading                                                        30 Minutes       4



Aptis will be administered at Centro Cultural Colombo Americano (Carrera 43 # 51 - 95) depending on the date and time scheduled by our Bi-national Center.